My Black Eyed Peas

The week of Josiah's Big Cut did not end with just a mere scratch but with two...yes, two, black eyes!  At least they were on different people.  The Thursday after the cut incident, I was dropping Zoe off at Dance Camp and had left the other kids in the Crimson Cruiser while I ran in to see if there were any last minute instructions.  I was gone, possibly, five minutes at the most and every single child in the van was strapped in and the a/c was running.  When I got back to the car, Liam was screaming and holding his eye.  In between sobs and as I raced to get gas for our mammoth vehicle (the light came on as we pulled out of our driveway and stayed was very low).  I got the story:

Ceili Rain wanted one of Bryant's hard plastic toys (it looks like a remote control).  Ace was in the front middle seat with Bryant and thought he'd toss the toy back to Ceili Rain.  Apparently, Ace isn't very good at throwing behind himself and the toy landed directly behind him.  It just so happens that Liam occupies the seat directly behind Ace and it just so happens that Liam took a direct hit, in the eye, from the projectile.

When we stopped for gas, I got Liam out of his seat, cleaned the blood and then tried to get witch hazel on it (to help keep it from bruising).  It was quite beyond witch hazel help though and he still got a black eye.

Wear that shiner with pride my son!

That very same afternoon.  I'm not kidding it was that afternoon!  The kids were all playing in the boys' room while I got supper ready.  Ceili Rain decided she wanted something down from the very top of the boys' dresser and pulled and pulled.  And she continued to pull until she pulled a ceramic piggy bank down.  The best we can figure is that Zoe broke the banks fall causing it to smash into pieces and one of the pieces cut and hit Ceili Rain.  On the eye.  The opposite eye of Liam.  I was praising God that she didn't get a piece in her eye.

And Josiah, well, his finger is healing wonderfully!  He lost some of his fingernail but not much.  The day of the black eyes, I decided to give the kids a bath and to keep Josiah from getting it wet, we did this:
He wanted to take a picture to show  Daddy.  Daddy was so proud.

Now, I didn't get a picture of our last black eye, but will tell that Bryant has had his first black eye recently.  Last week, he was in the living room and I was listening out for him while working on the computer.  I apparently wasn't fast enough because when I heard him at the steps, then he was on the floor of the bonus room.  This is why I'm very grateful we live in a ranch house with two steps down into the bonus room.  Somehow he hit his eye and got a nice shiner on the way down.  Needless to say, we are all much more cautious about the steps with Mr. Bry.  As we should be...that kid can climb up on toilets, stepstools, and whatever else he finds.  The trouble is he can't get down.

We're all praying for an accident free July!

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