Happy Independence Day!

Yes, I know I'm two days early but I didn't want to forget as we have friends who will be here all week!  And I'm one happy camper.

So, for the 4th we will be joyfully busy.

And my daughters will be decked out in the most adorable outfits.  At least I think they are:

Yeah, it's still keeping the pictures turned.  I'll show how I made this skirt in a sec...but first, the youngest from the Bunch...
This was my second attempt at a pillowcase dress and, I must say, it succeeded!

So, here's how I made Zoe's skirt.  After making the pillowcase dress, I didn't have enough material to make a twirl skirt for Zoe.  So, I brainstormed.  And remembered that I was holding on to two blue jean legs that I had cut off last year to make shorts for Zoe.  I knew they would make a cute skirt but wasn't sure how to use them.   And then this project came up:
I cut the legs apart and then folded them in half.
I placed the denim on the fabric on the fold and cut out two more panels to match the pants panels.  I also made sure they had a bit of a triangle shape to add to some twirl (which is a requirement from Zoe).

Then I just sewed (actually serged...woohoo...I have a serger now) the panels together, made casing for elastic and then sewed the ribbon on the bottom.  Tada!

And my wonderful "critic" and "advisor" loved it!

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