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I'm behind.  But, as usual, there's a great reason.  Last Monday, we headed out at the "crack of dawn" to get chicken.  I decided that since we were out, we'd shop around at some used bookstores to get the rest of the books the kids needed for their reading lists.  We stopped at one store, made our purchases and then headed to the next.  Got to the next store, I dropped the diaper bag around the children and started browsing the books and checking my list and such. When we got ready to leave, I reached in to the diaper bag and came up with nothing but diapers.  My wallet was gone.  We walked the store a couple of times and then headed to the van.  I searched the van a few times.  Called Mark and alerted him so he could start canceling/closing our accounts.  Then headed to the previous store.  I asked around and no one had seen it.  I checked around the parking lot but it was nowhere to be found.  Worst case, someone picked it out of the diaper bag when I sat it down with the kids.  Best case, it fell out of the diaper bag when we were loading and unloading between stores, someone saw it, and picked it up.  Either way, it's a safe bet that it was stolen.  Mark was able to work quickly and get things closed out before any of our cards could be used.  He also won super man status by contacting the sheriff's department as I was having my little "come apart" by then.  We're slowly getting bank situations changed and I'm slowly getting my wallet contents re-loaded.

And that, my friends, is how we kicked off our week last week.

On to the rooms...

Even though I didn't post, we did straighten up our bedroom.  It's still not completely done but it's clean enough for me to show you.  Not much needed to be organized.  We have a dresser in our room and that is really cleaned out.  I purchased a bookshelf to go in there when we realized our books were taking over the playroom. 

And sorry, I didn't get bath pics or closet pictures yet.  I realized after the Master bedroom there is a separate week for the closet.  Not knowing this, I did go ahead and organize it.  But, again, I'll share that later.

 I've heard several people comment on how large our master suite is.  I agree.  It's a big room.  But ya'll, some of those master suites we alive, you could have made two comfortable size rooms from that one master.  This one was one of the smallest and that fits us to a 't.'  Also, please keep in mind that our bed is a full size bed.  I would love to "upgrade" in the future.  Our kids are growing and when they sneak in bed with us in the middle of the night, we know that they are there.  It'd be nice if they could be a bit sneakier and we all would fit.  Well, most all of us.

Oh, and to the right, that's a sitting area that is functioning as our (Zoe and mine) sewing area.  I love it!  And will share that when we get to it.
 This is our office/nursing corner.  Sorry about leaving the ottoman out of place.  About the time Bryant was born, I decided I didn't want to use the ottoman.  Now it gets pushed here and there around the room and I forgot to move it back.  Mark is in charge of filing papers.
The "stuff" on the floor to the right is a pallet, for when late night cuddlers sneak in and try to take over the bed.  Or, if the bed is full, they get sent to the pallet.  I'd love to make a little sleeping nook instead of the pallet.  But that's way later.  I don't want to add window treatments until the bed is upgraded and the new bedding is picked out.  I still have a few things to put away as does Mark.

When we were looking at houses, one of our big turn offs were giant masters.  We new we wanted one a tad bigger than what we had but we also knew we didn't need a master the size of a football stadium.  We're no frills people and a retreat is nice but since we were purchasing a larger home, we knew there would be plenty of space for retreat.  This master was a happy medium between supersized and miniscule.  I had told Mark at the beginning of our house hunting that I would like a sitting area to use as a nursery or a craft room or something.  So, I am thrilled that we have that too.

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