It's All Greek to Me

Every year, our city has a Greek festival.  Since the kids are learning Koine Greek, I thought they would enjoy seeing a bit of the Greek culture (in America, but it's still Greek nonetheless).  I was right, they did enjoy it. The folk dancing was good but the baklava was better!  They didn't enjoy the soulouvakia or the gyro (Mark and I did though).  

We got a variety box of pastries.  Otherwise, we would have been trying to pick something out all night.  Baklava was the favorite.  I wish I could tell you the names of all the pastries but I really can't pronounce any of them (right now).

Now, that day, we were planning on leaving a bit early to go to the festival because they were offering tours of the Greek Orthodox church and since we had studied a bit about the Greek Orthodox church, I thought they would enjoy seeing one in person.  We got ready to leave and I noticed that Ginger (our dog) was not outside.  I called her.  The kids called her and we could not find her anywhere.  We concluded that she slipped out as I was loading up the van.  Thus commenced a two hour search for the dog.  I even posted on our neighborhood facebook pages that we were missing our dog and for people to be looking for her.  I had given up all hope as the kids and I trudged along walking trails and up the road (we were only walking for about 30 minutes.  We drove most of the time).  Mark made it home while we were walking and did another search of the house.  He found her.  Hiding in a corner of the girls' closet, snoozing.  Zoe and I both looked in there and never saw her. 

Depsite our afternoon adventure, we had a wonderful time at the festival.

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