Happy Birthday Sir Josiah!

We live in a great neighborhood and for a small fee/deposit, we can rent out the pavilion for birthday parties.  That makes life so easy for us since there are three within a month of each other.  Josiah's up first on the birthday train.  He requested a knight cake but then I found a cool pin on a castle cake.  I asked him if I could surprise him and he agreed.

Here is how it turned out.  The only thing I have to say is you need A LOT of chocolate icing to glue things together and such.  I layered it three layers.  It was also a TON of chocolate which didn't bother me a bit but may have been a bit too rich for the kids.

Enjoying pizza and friends!

 He is such a cool kid.

Josiah loved the cake but wanted it to look a bit more realistic so they brought knights to the party and decorated it.  I thought they did a great job with it.

Ge & Granddaddy didn't get to come to the actual party so they came a bit earlier and created their own party.  Josiah didn't mind (actually they love when grandparents have to come at a different time than their party...it makes it feel like it lasts longer)!

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