Shall we golf???

Apparently, it's now hip to post out of order.  Here is the first stop on our family Staycation adventures.  Putt putt and laser tag.

 We tried really hard to keep score.  Then we finally just gave up.  Mark hit a few hole in ones as did Ace and Josiah.  Josiah actually hit quite a bit but, since we weren't keeping score, I have no clue how many.

 By about whole 10 we decided to play, "Don't let the ball stop moving" or "Speed Golf"
 And then it was inside to cool off.  The big kids (including Mark) hit up the laser tag area.
 I love how Zoe can look girly and deadly all at the same time.

Ceili Rain's first trip in to the laser tag.  She was equally as cute and deadly.  Okay, only to those who had vests around their waists.

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