Park Fun

Park day turned in to Emmie's first time at the splash pad.  Mama was totally unprepared but sometimes you have to live in the moment.

 And those smiles say it was totally worth it!

Josiah was my photographer for most of these.  And for most of the others too.

Going on an Egg Hunt

This year is a delayed year...but at least we are doing things, right?!  Thus, our delayed egg hunt. The kids could have cared less when we did it.  As long as we did it.

Better late than never.

Emmie, obviously, enjoyed being outside more than looking for eggs.


Mark beat me to Facebook so I'm just going to share here!

Fifteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle and pledged always and forever to the man God intended me to spend the rest of my life with.  My love.  My best friend.  My team mate.

We said no matter what we would stay together.  We were young, indeed.  And yes, very naive (just drive by our first home together...It's amazing we came out of there alive).  I wouldn't trade those young naive years for anything in the world.  We learned so much those first few years.

And each year has brought different challenges.  Different ways that the Lord has brought us closer to Him and to each other.

This year has not been an exception.  We have learned to lean on each other in ways I would never imagine we could or have.  We are learning more and more how to better communicate in hard situations.  And the joyous situations have brought us more joy than I could ever imagine.

We have definitely learned, this year, how precious each and every sweet laughter and deep exhale is.

I could not imagine walking this special needs journey without Mark.

I could not imagine walking these past fifteen years without his caring, compassionate and patient (long suffering comes to mind when we think about my crazy emotional self) love.  He reminds me so much of the Lord's agape love for us.

So, Happy Anniversary to my knight!  I am so blessed to have you!

Happy Resurrection Day!

This was our first official Easter at our church's new property.  While it was super chilly, we all enjoyed the fellowship and the worship of our risen Savior!

Well, these are the hot cross buns Zoe made.  We always have an amazing breakfast that a family from our church provides and these were supposed to have been eaten on Good Friday (just as tradition) but Zoe didn't get to them until Friday evening so we had them Saturday.  They were still very good.

 Pastor B sharing God's Word!
 Everyone gathered in the youth room for payer before breakfast.  One year, I'll remember to take pictures of the feast.  It is so good ya'll.  We are so blessed that their ministry is to serve some awesome breakfast foods!
 After worship, an impromptu gathering to sing more praises to God.  
 Zoe and friend.  Zoe made her skirt.   Thankfully, it warmed up quickly.

I made Ceili Rain and Emmie's dress.  We had to go with a quick pattern because mommy let the day creep up on me.

It was a beautiful day spent with some pretty awesome family and church family.

March Randoms

Be prepared for picture overload!  These kids are too cute not to share.

 Emmie actually sat with Granddaddy...okay, so he bribed her with animal crackers.

 Papa visits.  Games come out.

 We ordered from Lowe's website and the things we ordered came in these really cool boxes that could be converted in to a house.  That house was well played in for over a month.  Emmie enjoyed peek-a-boo in it.

 Selfies with dad...and a photobomb.

 Raising NF Awareness in the cutest way possible.

 Beautiful weather meant lunch outside.

 Zoe braces, before.

 Zoe braces, after.

 Emmie loves the mirror at Dr. B's office.
 That baby is too cute.

 Malachi showing off his birthday gifts.
 It's a beard.  

 Yummy food.  Goofy faces.

 Every time I look at this picture it just cracks me up.  

 Emmie decided not to eat the chicken nuggets I had given her and just went for the full on sandwich.

 This  is our pastor.  For the past two years he has been Liam's listener for Awana.  That means he listens to Liam recite the verses he has memorized the previous week.  When Liam has a rough night and can't focus, Pastor B understands and has been a great encourager.  I just love this picture.  They work so well together and totally get each other.
 Ge and Granddaddy sent these inflatable hammers.  They were a big hit (haha.  Pun intended).


 Ceili Rain's first pedicure.