A day of rain and dreariness brought this at sunset.

I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.  Genesis 9:13


I had a lovely birthday this year.  My parents came up the day before and watched the kids so I could take Emmie to her well check.  Mark took me shopping the week before because...well, because my clothes were getting baggy and falling down.  It's a good problem to have.  

Mark made my chocolate cake with chocolate icing and Zoe suggested we had mini chocolate chips.  Fully of yumminess.

We live in a military town which means a lot of "transplants" come here and stay.  I love meeting new people and trying new foods.  This summer, some neighbors recommended a Hawaiian barbecue place.  We were more than happy to try it out.  Mark and I tried it out on a date night and loved it.  So, my birthday dinner request was for the family to experience a bit of Hawaii in our little Southern town.  It's not a fancy place but the food.  Oh, the food is awesome!

On Friday nights they have Polynesian dancers.  My little dancer, Ceili Rain, loved it and just had to get a picture made with the dancers.

My other birthday request was to get our bedroom painted.  I spent several hours in our dark brown room when Emmie was born.  I grew tired of the color and wanted a lighter color...a blue.  So, I grabbed several paint samples and stared at them for several months before deciding on one.  Mark painted it the  weekend of my birthday and I couldn't be happier.  It's bright and more welcoming.
This is the painting in progress.

When Grandpa Comes to Visit

With my birthday coming up, Ge and Granddaddy came up to visit and volunteered to watch our crew while I took Emmie to her six month check up.  The kids are used to going to well checks but it was a treat for them to not have to go.  Confession time, it was a treat for me too.  Doctor offices can be a tad on the boring side, but Ge and Granddaddy always find something fun to do.

 Granddady and stairs means everyone can get some loving!

 Ge brought a sugar cookie decorating kit.  I walked in right as they were finishing up decorating and the kids were none too thrilled I had come home so soon.

Their creations:

 Um, yeah.  Get right on cleaning that one Ge!

Emmie is Six Months!

 Emmie turned six months last month.  It's safe to say, she's growing like a weed!  The week we made this picture, we had to pull out her twelve month clothes.  Her torso and the cloth diapers made snapping onesies near to impossible.  So, up a size she went.   She had a great check up with Dr. B.  She's a bit slower on her milestones than her siblings but she's still within normal developmental range.  She's sitting up and grabbing at objects and even manipulating them in her hands.  Bless her, having a mama who is a social worker, and a grandma and aunt who have masters in special education...this baby is being watched like a hawk.

She continues to be a delight to our family.  The kids remind me daily that she is definitely the favorite for them.  All of her adventures these past six months have reminded us to not take a single day for granted.  She is truly a gift.

Here's her stats:

17 lbs 13.2 oz (84%).  A week after her well check we had to go back in because she was sick (nothing serious...just a normal infant virus), she weighed 19 pounds...over a pound in a week...This kid loves her milk (because she doesn't eat baby food).
27 inches long (90%)

Miss Ems decided that she wanted to sit up for her photo shoot this month.

October Randomness

 Liam's Lego Creation.  It was a volcano disaster.  Note the fallen village people.

 Emmie got her first bite of food.
 That about sums up her thoughts on baby food.  We're still working on it but she prefers mommy or soft foods she can hold to eating mushy foods from a spoon.

 Liam took a quick picture of us for Grandmere.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.

 Mark's kid chains.

 Emmie was still working on rolling over in October.  This is as far as she would get.  Those hands.  They slay me.

 Dinosaur bones make a yummy chew toy.

 Emmie loves Ginger.  Even though Ginger is a bit skiddish around her, the feeling is mutual.  Ginger checks on her regularly in the evenings and when Emmie is crying Ginger looks for me or Mark to go get her.  This is the best I can do right now.  I'm looking forward to seeing their relationship grow.  She's our first baby to actually take an active interest in the dogs.
A few weeks after the food introduction and she's slowly getting the hang of it.  Okay, not really, but she did enjoy a few bites.
 Helping daddy build a patio extension.

 A neighbor invited Ceili Rain to a birthday party.  She got to "meet" Elsa.  Her world was rocked.

 We got Mark at home for a whole week as he worked on training online.  Contrary to popular Facebook belief, he was actually studying here.  Not sleeping.

 Emmie still does not have a ton of hair.  So I made her a hat. 
It's an owl.  And she approves.  I think.

Our Bunch and Wedding Bells

We enjoyed attending L and E's wedding.  This was Mark's cousin and we enjoyed celebrating their marriage.
 As predicted, Ceili Rain only left the clip in her hair for less than an hour.  But at least it looked pretty in a flexi.

 Yes, there were a few kids missing running hither and yon.    This was just before attempting our family pictures.  All twenty-three of us.
 So, we started to leave the wedding and noticed the bride and groom's perfectly clean car.  We just couldn't have that.  Luckily, Aunt B and I had toilet paper in our vans.  Uncle B supervised the decorating.
 Okay, he actually instructed too.  Thanks to him, the kids now now the proper way to roll a car.
His esteemed students at work.

Cousins Visit

After we finished up in Kentucky, we headed back to the headquarters, also known as Papa and Grandmere's house.

The kids enjoyed the time to just run around and visit with each other except these two.

 They had more fun whacking each other in the face.  Our girls are such cuties.

 Grandmere had her pick of babies to cuddle.  A got some good snuggles in.

 Of course, all cousins utilized the zip line.

 Cousin O loved carrying Emmie around.

 Papa and  his boys

 Before breakfast, the chess board had to come out.

 And after breakfast the chess board had to come out.   The two players had some consultants this go round.
Ceili Rain got lots of Uncle B cuddles.