Happy 4th Bryant!

Bryant, our little boy who has always acted older than he is.  He turned 4 in July.  His biggest excitement actually came from  his graduation to a larger fork.  And opening the presents...

 We were going to go to the free summer movies to celebrate his birthday, however, we had a few kids fighting a virus (high fever), so we opted to keep our germs to ourselves and had a Character House of Movies!

The kids get to pick out what kind of cake they want each year.  This year he voted for a strawberry cake with chocolate icing and elephants on top.  Thus he got this.
I added the graham cracker crumbs on top to make it look like a desert (a desert dessert...see what I did there?) We had church that evening so I made a few extra cupcakes to ensure we had enough
The birthday boy, cake decorator, and his trusty sidekick.

Lake Day

In July, we had one of our church worship services at the lake and several baptisms.  After worship and a meal, it was time to hit the lake and play!

 Lake sand-dirt.  Oh yeah.

 Water ball.

 Emmie enjoyed chilling in the shade with mama.

 Building sand-dirt castles.

Welcoming Emmie

We decided to have a special welcoming celebration this time instead of a traditional baby shower.  We invited a ton of people and had a blast with all the families that came.

 Mr. Grady hamming it up.

 Lots of kids meant lots of love for Emmie

 Aunt Tracy was super excited to get some Emmie love.

 Play time!

 I have no explanation for this.

 Sweet cuddles from neighbors and
 church family.

 Mark welcoming every one and giving a blessing for Emmie.

 So much fun even the cops show up...okay, actually that is a friend of a church family member.

 Hmmm, what should we choose???

 Some awesome members from church who willingly served and helped get everything together.

 Fruit baby

Happy 4th of July!

Our fourth was full of fun times with family and friends.  We enjoyed a cookout with friends and then came to our home and set off fireworks with friends.
How many kids can fit on a swing?

 Mark was our pyrotechnician!

 Part of the goofy audience.