On the Mount

 This is how our trip idea went down...
Emmie's having surgery.
We need to have some family time.
Emmie's been to the ocean.
Let's go to the mountains.

So, in less than three weeks we planned a very quick mountain getaway.

Our kids are pretty incredible.  They are almost always up for an adventure.  We found a "mountain retreat" called Enota in the North Georgia mountains near Helen.  They have cabins, camping sites, and goats (okay, other animals too).
The Saturday morning we were there, a foal, had been born to this pony.  Such a sweet sight to see this mama and new baby!

Oh, and hiking trails, a small playground (with some awesome in ground trampolines), and a couple of waterfalls.

 We would not have been able to hike over 7 miles in one day if we didn't have this baby carrier and the backpack that Mark used to carry Emmie!

 We were only able to find one waterfall but it was a fun challenging hike after all the rain the night before.
Liam found a fairy cave!

King Bryant of the Mountain

I love that when we pulled up in to check in, they all got so excited (and had not even seen the playground or trampolines).  We climbed out of the van in the pouring rain and they were so excited to see our rustic cabin and just the general area.  They didn't have to have attractions or "things to do."  Yes, they would have enjoyed that too.  But, they love to explore and learn and go on adventures.  This weekend trip definitely provided that.

Brasstown Bald-the highest point in Georgia and absolutely breathtaking.
 I would suggest going to Brasstown when the rhodendrums are in bloom.  They are naturally occurring and everywhere!
 They have a little museum at the top of the bald and a train that Josiah just had to get a picture with.
 A sweet family offered to take our family's picture.
But the grandmom had to get a picture with Malachi first.  He was thrilled.  Can't you tell?

 We road a shuttle up to the  top off the bald but decided to walk down the .6 of a mile.   And found places to climb.

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