As the bills start piling in and we are getting closer to dossier submission and traveling, we are seeing a real need to do more to provide for our family.

We have prayed and consulted with others and feel one of the ways we can start adding more income is through opening up ads on the blog and becoming an affiliate with several online companies.

That meant we needed to update and upgrade the blog.

After doing some research we felt the best way to start this is to swap to online hosting and WordPress.

And all of that means that Mark will be doing a lot to the blog and making the changes with me sitting beside him in utter shock wondering what in the world he is doing.  But also I get veto power on how things look.  Got to keep it nice for ya'll!

Things may be quiet here because I don't want to make more work for him than necessary but stick around.  We'll have a few stories to tell when he gets it all situated.

We are still fundraising though!  And our youcaring site and paypal accounts are active.  We would so appreciate if you would share our story and our dreams of bringing Y the Brave home!

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