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Emmie's first brace destruction warrented a trip to orthotics two hours away.   I knew that a fifteen minute appointment with eight children meant we needed to find something else to do while we were there.  After a quick search the day before, we landed on the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.

 It was a pleasant and educational surprise in the heart of Atlanta.  If you have a couple of hours to kill, I would definitely recommend visiting this museum and library.

 One of the many gifts President Carter received after the Camp David Accords.
 Presidential campaign paraphernalia.  I just thought this one was quite funny.

 One of my favorite parts of the museum.  A replica of his Oval Office.

 With a Bible on the desk.
 The ceiling of the Oval Office.
 This was at the end of the museum.  A pretty amazing portrait of President Carter and all of his accomplishments while in office.
 The highlight for the kids.  Airplane seats.

 The closest I'll ever come to a Nobel Peace Prize.  Pretty cool.

 Zoe and I enjoyed seeing the replicas of President and Mrs. Carter's wedding clothes.

 Not only was the museum interesting, we also enjoyed the scenery around it.

 We rounded out the trip with the orthotics appointment and Emmie's second brace.  We spent less than five minutes to get it.  As we were gathering to leave, they came in and told us to head to an inner room because of a tornado warning.

They found something to pass their time though.

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