Tour Da House...Linen Closets

Aren't you excited?  You get to see yet a few more rooms in our home...It's a two-fer week:
We should really title this linen cloest/bathroom cabinets.  Sadly, we gave up a linen closet.  But we gained this:

It's a closet situated between the kids' bedrooms. When we did our walk through we were told that the closet was meant to be a seasonal room to store seasonal decorations.  Bryant claimed it as his bedroom when we first looked at the house.  Regardless, I was thrilled to see that extra storage.  Currently, the closet is storing clothes that have not been sorted (I use a bin system to store the kids' clothes and these clothes have not been worn since I started the system).  The closet also holds the kids' hampers, a billy bookcase that serves as our medicine cabinet and all the coats.

I mean all the coats.  I've threatened to buy the store clothing size dividers for a few years now.  I finally broke down and did it.  I purchased some blank clothes dividers on ebay and markered the sizes.  A quick look tells me what sizes I'm missing and makes consignment shopping for coats and jackets much easier.

I also took the time to organize the kids' bathroom which has our guest towels, their towels, and all things bathroom/linen related minus the sheets.

These are before pictures.  A bit about the decor.  First of all, when using yellow, make sure you get the yellow with the primer in it.  I still need to do a few more coats.  And this has four coats.  On a beige wall.  I just gave up.

I wanted a fun theme that was gender neutral for the bathroom.  I also didn't want something too cutsie because I don't plan on changing it out as they grow.  Plus, there's like seven kids that use this bathroom.  And they all vary in ages.  So, owls it was.  All the owl shower curtains we looked at were either too girly or too in large and staring straight at you.  Not something you would want to see when you got up in the middle of the night.

Zoe and I finally found some fabric that we both thought met our criteria.  I purchased it, grabbed a brown shower curtain from Target and sewed it on.
Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

I didn't think a full shower curtain of these cute things would be really fun.  So, putting it on the top and bottom really made it more interesting.  And then, one afternoon I was perusing Hobby Lobby and stumbled upon owl vinyl wall decals.  And they matched!  I couldn't resist the half off.

This wall is opposite the vanities.  These picture ledges were not my first choice but my first choice was not really sturdy.  So we went with these.  I purchased the cups from the Dollar Spot at Target (they currently have some there now too).  Each child has a cup.  Currently, I stenciled their first initial in their color on the cups.  I'm going to have to do something different however as the paint just won't hold through a washing.  We have enough towel hooks for about 12 kids.   You do the math on how many we need to have to have it full.

We moved.  I unpacked and threw everything under the sinks.  Very unorganized, no?

This is my girls' drawer and cabinet ya'll.  It was a bit organized when we moved in.

Here's the afters:
Girls' side.

Boys' side.  Ahhh.

While we had to give up one full bath and replaced it with just a half bath (meaning the boys and girls now share a bathroom), we justified it by the dual vanities and the fact that the shower/toilet room has a door.  Thereby, a person can brush his or her teeth while another person is using the bathroom and no one has to wait in line to brush their teeth while someone is using the bathroom.

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