What to do...

Tonight, the oldest three took off to a local church for vacation Bible school.  While I was there visiting with friends, I got a call from Mark that I missed.  So, I called him back and got an urgent message to come home.  Not typical for my cool-headed husband.  After a quick chat, I realize that everyone was fine, but Josiah had gotten a pretty nasty cut while playing with Bryant.  Mark needed a second opinion about what to do.

So, I rushed home, re-called Mark and got the goods on what exactly happened.

The cut is pretty nasty and we had a phone consult with our wonderful pediatrician and decided to try and get it to stay closed on our own.  It's on his finger, so scarring isn't a big deal.  We're more concerned about infection/healing properly without stitches.  I used butterfly closures tonight to keep it closed and that seemed to work (I'm going to need a nursing degree after this mommyhood season).

So, tonight, I got home, unwrapped and re-bandaged (I can not believe I haven't kept butterfly strips in stock here) and Josiah screamed.  Not so much from pain.  More from the fact we were taking the bandage off and he could see the cut (yes, he told us that in so many words).  As I finished bandaging, he sniffed and moaned and stated, "I fink I need to seep in mama & daddy's bed tonight."

At this point, we were all for allowing him to sleep in our room on the floor.  However, he had other motives.

"I'm still going to have a bad dweam if I'm not in your bed."

And then he cuddled up to me.

I love that little man.  I hate he got hurt but I think he's going to be alright and come out tougher from it.

And just an FYI, he forgot his request and is now happily snoozing in his bed, I think.  But that doesn't mean he won't join us at some point during the night...we almost always wake up to find a child standing by the bed or asleep in bed with us.

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