To the Parthenon!

So, back to our convention/mission trip!  On the way home, Liam was acting like he had a little stomach bug but we needed to stop to lunch about the time I saw a sign for the Parthenon.  Now, please don't think we made a wrong turn (and crossed a very big bridge!).

No, this is the replica that is in Nashville, Tennessee.  I've heard about it often and had never gotten a chance to see it (and I've only been to Nashville once so there ya go).  I convinced Mark that that would be a good place to eat.  And it was!  There was a huge park there and if Liam had felt better we might have gone to playground and inside the Parthenon.

However he didn't and the park restroom stalls didn't have doors and we were all a little creeped out by that.

So, we just walked around, picked up some cicada exoskeletons, and ate lunch.

 A statue we explored while Mark took Liam to potty...again.  I can't remember who this was but look!

Josiah found a anyone surprised???

Isn't it beautiful?!  If you look closely at the first picture, you can see the Mark and the kids standing in the columns.  This replica was built for a World's Fair Expo that was held in Nashville.

Thus ends our adventures the first of May...but wait...there's more!

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