Skirt Issues

So, around Easter time, I was ready with a pattern and some gorgeous fabric to make a skirt for me.  Unfortunately, my gorgeous fabric was found before the pattern and I didn't even think to take into account the embroidery already on it.

With less than two weeks until Easter, I was sitting on my floor with my fabric spread out brainstorming what to do.

Then I hit the internet and searched and found a great website about how to make a skirt using your favorite skirt.

It was so great, I can't find the website now.

But, let me tell ya this, if you've made a skirt before, then it's a piece of cake to make.

Here's what I did in a nutshell.  I took my  most favorite skirt of all time (found at Goodwill no less).

Isn't it gorgeous...and because of all the beautiful colors any top will go with it!  It's a great skirt.  I'll cry when I've worn it so much and it just falls to pieces.

Anyways, I folded it in half.  And cut out two panels following along my favorite skirt (on the fold of the fabric)

This was a learning experience because I've never done borders on fabric before.  I did goof a little but now I know.

After that, I just sewed it like a regular skirt.  I added the zipper in on the side and some lining to help with the modesty issue.  It's linen fabric and a little thin.

I wish I could get step by step instructions, but honestly, I have no clue how I did it.  I followed some of the tutorial I found online and used some wisdom gained from sewing zippers with lining. 

And I goofed on it a little but not so much that anyone will notice.

Oh, do you want to see the final results?

That'll come tomorrow!

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