And then there was one...

I'm now down to one child in diapers.  This is a very strange experience on so many levels.

First, this is the first time I've had one in diapers and not expecting another.  I would willingly welcome another little blessing but so far God has chosen not to give us another baby.  So, just one in diapers with no new one in sight.

Secondly, Ceili Rain has basically potty trained herself.  Since about March, she's been going potty on and off but still in diapers.  She was, until we were visited by a stomach bug, mostly #2 trained for a long time (yes, all mommy talk leads to the bathroom). 

Lately, she's wanted to go more and more.  And then this weekend while visiting my parents, she spent all of one of the days completely dry.   Granted it was mostly the newness of a place and wanting to explore the bathroom one hundred million times, but she did it!  I finally have decided to take the plunge and just put her in training pants and deal with any spillage.

Except the past couple of days there haven't been any.  In fact, she's even woken up completely dry!

She's also got me trained.  We have rewarded her with chocolate when she goes potty and so now, when she finishes her business I get the request, "Go tee tee, choco peas."  And if it was said any sweeter, she would be dripping with honey!

My baby girl is potty trained!  Yippee!  It's weird and wonderful all at the same time.

I think I"ll have some chocolate ice cream to celebrate.

Big props goes to having older siblings and desperately desiring to be just like them.

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