Our pastor's wife planned a trip to a local blueberry patch and when the owners said the more kids the merrier, we signed up!  Some of the local u-pick places do not like having children running through their land (understandably).  But these people didn't mind.  And they didn't seem to mind after we finished picking and eating blueberries and making multiple trips to their toilet and drinking up all their water.

I apologize, in advance for all these sideways photos.  I'm not sure what is up with blogger.  I have checked, and double checked, and I have rotated the pictures and saved them but some how they flip when I upload them.  So, just turn your head.

A beautiful pond, and because they have 16 grandchildren, there is a nice big fence all the way around the pond!  Woohoo for grandparents!

She actually did pick more than that...but she was amazed at how well she did at the start!

Yes, I made them wear the yellow shirts...even though our group was the only ones there.  I never had trouble spotting them.

All their hard work earned great rewards though.  We got one large bucket of blueberries and about half a bucket of blackberries.  And they were all yummy too!  And still are.  I froze most of the blueberries and we take out as needed!

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