Zucchini as big as your head!

 Before I show you our ginormous zucchini, here's a picture of our Little Garden Spot.

 And here's our zucchini!  Now, don't think I actually grew this giant.  A friend did.  She grew this and more and more and more and more!   She grew so much that she sent out a plea on facebook for homes for her massive zucchini.  So, knowing how my kids love some zucchini bread, zucchini muffins, and zucchini pancakes, I sacrificed and said I'd adopt some.  After another friend grabbed her share, we wound up with four zucchini.

This is what it looked like after we shredded all four.
That's not a small bowl either!  To start off, we made four loaves zucchini bread and one batch of zucchini brownies.  I still had enough zucchini to freeze to make four more loaves of zucchini bread and two batches of zucchini pancakes. 

And I think I deserve an award for putting the most z's in one post!


  1. Did you know you can turn them into "apple" pie or crisp? And, no one will EVER know unless you tell them. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/zucchini-crisp/detail.aspx Don't go as heavy on the nutmeg (about half) as this recipe calls for but otherwise it is great!

  2. Ahhh, good to know! I may have to try that!! Goodness knows I have enough leftover to try it.