We've been busy over the past few weeks trying to finish up some major projects before Bryant comes (can you tell who/what is on my mind lately).  So here's a little more show and tell of what we've been up to...

You've seen the boys' new dresser, well, this is the other dresser in their room.  We bought this several years ago at a used furniture store for something around $50 or $60.  It is solid wood and, for an old outdated dresser in great shape.  With three boys, it has taken a beating on the finish.  I told Mark it was finally time to redecorate it if we had time.  We already had the paint!

Here's the finished result.  We also got wise before putting it in the boys' room.  The sample paint is only sold in a Satin finish and we found that it was chipping really bad on the dresser we had already painted, so we bought a sealing paint (used for faux finishes) to cover the drawer fronts...It's worked out well and the boys' haven't chipped it yet.

I've also been sewing.  Not the kind of clothes making creative sewing a thoroughly enjoy...more like the money saving, repair sewing.  We noticed about a month ago that Ceili Rain was leaking out of her diapers bad.  I told Mark I thought the microfiber inserts had seen their last soaking up.  So, we ordered a few to see if it worked...and it did, with #1 but when she did #2...well, they didn't hold it.  She had two major blow outs on a Sunday (one of which was at church), and I looked at the diapers again and realized, there was no elastic in the legs or back rise.  It had basically been completely pulled apart.  Not bad that the elastic has lasted almost three years and through two kids who are different sizes.  Thankfully, Cotton Babies (the makers of BumGenius diapers) sells repair kits.  I'm not sure but I believe they may be the only ones who sell them for their diapers.  The kits cost $1.  And in it includes elastic, velcro tabs and new laundry tabs (to keep the diapers from all becoming one big diaper in the washing machine).  However, to get the elastic out and replaced has taken a lot of time.  But, it's almost all completely done...thanks to Grandmere loading up on some diapers to do the repairs at her home!  We've replaced elastic and velcro tabs in 24 diapers!!!  And I'm replacing all the inserts (which I happened to find priced at under $3 thanks to a sale advertisement at Diaper Pin).  By the way for diaper seeking people, Cotton Babies just launched the new bumGenius 4.0s and the elastic is supposed to be waaaay easier to repair in these.  I have to say, I'm a bit jealous and would like to get some just for that.  Oh well, maybe in three years when these wear out again!  I couldn't pass up making virtually brand new diapers for under $5 a diaper!

I'm posting my other sewing projects on Friday so stay tuned!  But lastly, I wanted to share Bryant's sleeping headquarters (well, once he's old enough to go in with the boys).

The bedding is thanks to Ge & Granddaddy.  I spotted this bedding a while back and told Ge about it.  But, because of her bum leg, she offered for me to purchase it on behalf of them.  This bedding was on sale at Target and it fits the room perfectly!  Especially with our shuttle pictures above the crib! The one in the middle is the picture Grandmere & Papa gave Mark for his birthday.  The other two were ones we picked up when we traveled to Houston to celebrate a friend's wedding.  I love the bedding and how soft it is!  Now all we need is the baby to put in it (well, in about four or so months).  This is the first time we've ever purchased an actual crib set to go on a crib.  But it had the essentials (bumper, sheet) plus a super soft blanket for floor play.  And Mark actually smiled big when I showed it to him!  Thank you Ge & Granddaddy for helping us get ready for Bryant's birth!

Oh, and the crib was purchased, at consignment, for $45.  I wanted a mini crib so it wouldn't take up much room in the boys' room but I couldn't pass up a forty-five dollar crib that was in super great shape.  Nor the mattress that was in equally great shape for $6.  And yes, I've checked to make sure there were no recalls on it...and there aren't.

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