Bryant Update 39 Weeks

Dr. J came in  to my 39 week appointment and started telling us about a lady who had her seventh this weekend and it was head down until just a couple of weeks before her due date. It was one of his partners patients and she didn't do he was called in. He offered to do it if he could but the baby turned on Friday and then Saturday turned again and her water broke. He said the foot was already coming out by the time she got to the hospital so they had to do a c-section.

After that Dr. J went out to get the doppler and then came back in and made sure Bryant was head down and he said...oh yeah he is. I think he's wedged in there pretty tight and it would take a lot of work for him to get out and flip. Not saying he wouldn't do it but just that it would be a lot of (painful) work.

He looked at my belly and asked about the itching. I told him it was gone and that I couldn't see any rash at all. He said, "Well, you definitely had the beginning of PUPPS." He then went on to say that in some women it just goes away and others just have to deliver for it to go away. I like to think that it was prayers that made mine go away. God has truly blessed this pregnancy from beginning to end!  I can't wait to meet this little guy!

So right now, I'm sitting at 2.5 cm dilated and for the first time in five pregnancies, I do not have an induction scheduled in the immediate future!  It's interesting to just be here waiting.  We're staying busy though with last minute things!

And now it's your turn to chime in and we'll throw in a little contest too...when do you think Bryant will be born...lock in your guesses in the comments and the one closest will win something (or other...not sure what yet so stay tuned).

Here's our families guesses:
Liam-12th (guess he didn't make it, huh?)