Slidin' Fun

We love slip n' slides!  Last year, the kids got a dual slider from Ge & Granddaddy and that was a blast with the cousins and throughout the summer.  However, while playing with some friends, it developed a hole.  Mark's in the process of patching it but one hot June day (and believe me we've had quite a few), we needed to get the kids wet.  A cheap slip n' slide was purchased and here's the result...
It's so much more fun when daddy flings you across the slide!

or using buckets to fill up and throw water on each other.
Ceili Rain has turned into a most loved water tot.  Finally!  She spent the first year pretty scared of getting wet but she loves sprinklers and getting soaked.
Look closely and you'll see that Ceili Rain also loves sitting in mud! (and I promise that is mud)

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