I love Facebook and visiting with our friends.  I also love that I can get ideas on how our friends do things.  Case in of our tehcno friends from high school posted a picture of his daughter in a "freedom center" which was made with zip ties and cheap tension gates.  After trying to school with Ginger and Ceili Rain terrorizing (equally mind you) the other kids, I requested one.

I could only find two gates to go with the one we had, so this is the first attempt:

It was small but served it's purpose until I could purchase another gate.  Which I did the next day.  The result is a great play area/containment area for when I need to just deal with one toddler (be it canine or human).  We attached Ginger's kennel to it so she can have a little more room.  We only use the kennel when we're out.  Now she has room to play or sleep and eat.  And, as you can see, the kids like to get in and play with her too.

Ceili Rain loves it too.  I have a box of toys that she can get out and play with while in the Freedom Center (and try to keep it specifically for that area).  She'll play for a good bit and then want out.   But first, she'll pick up all her toys and put them back in the box.  And, as you can guess...the boys enjoy climbing in and playing with Ceili Rain too. (And yes, I am always around when Ceili Rain is in the center)

Disclosure:  We got the name for our Freedom Center from Uncle B & Aunt B who had to build a permanent one (bolted to the floor) when the twins came along!  Thanks for the name guys!

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  1. Sure.. we did tell you that we trademarked that name right?