Labor Day Essentials #4

Praying that this will be the last labor day post (because I've pretty much gone through everything in my suitcase besides my toiletries and that's just plain boring), before the actual labor day.

So, here are all the sewing things that I've been working on for our hospital stay...

The nursing cover!  A must in my absolutely humble opinion!

Burp can never have too many of these, especially if you have a "spitter!"

And a coming home outfit!  I didn't have a newborn to try the pants on, so yes, they may be a little too big.  But the onesie should fit and I also have a beautiful blanket that a friend gave me that we can wrap around him.

This last item is not in the labor bag...but I did make it:

It's a diaper bag!  My first bag...and I made it with vinyl lining on the inside...not going to do that again.  I found a pattern for free here.

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