Craftiness at work...stand back please!

With a new little boy coming in July...comes a new set of logistical challenges...sleeping arrangements...van seating arrangements, etc.

Last month, we focused on the clothes arrangements.  I found a used, run down chest of drawers for Josiah and Bryant to share and we purchased it and brought it home.

This is part of the "Before."  As usual, I forgot to get a good before.  The knobs were coming off and the off-white paint was peeling.

I put the boys to work sanding it down one afternoon.  That lasted through almost all the drawers before they lost interest and waited on me to finish what I was doing so they could paint.

I used four shades of blue.  Lest you think I spent a ton of money on that.  Lowes (and I'm sure Home Depot does too) has these extra small sample cans of paint that you can purchase for $3).  So, I bought four of those and used the brown "Cloak & Dagger" that Mark had used on the steps to the bonus room.

Here's the result:

This should hold the boys clothes for at least three to four years along with the other dresser in their room.  I'll get a picture of the room/dressers after we work on the sleeping arrangements.

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  1. Too Cute!! I don't think I would have ever thought to mix up the colors, but I love it.