To Ge and Granddaddy's House We Go

A weekend trip to Granddaddy and Ge's kicked off our travels for several weeks.  This was the first time we had traveled since Thanksgiving.  If you know us well, then you know that's unusual for us...Mark says our family motto is "Go!  Go!  Go!"  But, God had other plans for a few months.  We were home in December trying to make sure Bryant stuck around to full term.  Then January and February brought illnesses and snow.  Finally, March has rolled around and with the pollen came a chance for us to visit family. 

Aside from the drama of a not so daring Ceili Rain having to endure a puppy yelping at her (which caused her to cry which caused the dog to yelp more), we had a great visit (and the dog and Ceili Rain got used to each other and she only fussed at the dog one time later on when the dog took a toy away from her).

Escaping...from the barking dog!

Granddaddy had the best spot to view the game.  He was also a great lap to cuddle into after playing outside all day!

This was the first time the kids really enjoyed the Wii.  Ge and Granddaddy have all the cool toys!

On the way home, Mark indulged my cravings and we ate at the number one place to eat for processed foods!  The Varsity!  Yep, I thoroughly enjoyed my fried onion rings and chili cheese dog and frosted orange.  Yummy!  Of course, we all payed for it dearly on Monday...but this was the first time we ate here since before we had kids.  Moderation people...that's what it's all about :)
We're making her a spokesperson for yummy chili dogs!

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