One of the first things Josiah asks me in the morning is if Ceili Rain is up.  Most of the time it is because he can hear her chatting and playing in her crib.  The other morning he told me he wanted to go see Ceili Rain...which buys me time to get breakfast finished while he entertains her through the bars in the crib.  This particular morning I peeked into the girls' room to get Ceili Rain and found this:

Actually, when I first saw them, they were both sitting up and Josiah was entertaining Ceili Rain with the duck he's holding (it flaps, sings and makes noise...which she loves)...this is what I found when I got back to the crib with the camera.  Yep, that's pretty sweet.

And this is their busted look!

When Josiah gets up from a nap, if he can see Ceili Rain right off the bat, he is not grumpy at all.  He loves his little sis and she is equally enamored with him!  It's safe to say that if they slept in the same room, he'd be cuddled up with her every night.


  1. When my Josiah was just about 4-5 months old I heard him crying in his crib while I was getting ready and then suddenly it was very quiet. I headed out to check his room and when I opened the door I saw Ian sitting behind him--after having pulled Si onto his lap--with a bottle and he was feeding him. It was a cold bottle, right from the fridge, but I don't think Si cared! I too snapped a forever picture of that moment. Ian is STILL the caretaker of the family---a middle child trait:)

  2. I have to say this is one of my top favorite pics of all time. I love with they do sibling lovey makes up for all the yelling and fighting.