Meet our new sons!

Mark and I had the wonderful privilege of loading up a bunch of teenagers in our home for a weekend a few weekends back.  Our community has a weekend each March called DNow...which is short for Disciple Now.  This is an intense, fast paced weekend that is hosted by several churches.  High school and middle school students descend on unsuspecting willing homes where they participate in Bible study and crazy activities.  There's a late night activity on Friday night to welcome the kids and kick things off.  Saturday night, our church hosted a worship rally and concert for all the students participating.  We did this several years ago...when Liam was a baby.  It was a ton of fun!  And honestly, we tried to sneak our way out of it this year...making excuses and such...but Mark and I both felt God reminding us that's why we have a home.  The last time, we had senior girls who were a ton of fun.  This time we had freshmen and sophomore boys! 

I was a little apprehensive that they would not want to be in a home without a tv or wii or other game playing device.  And that they wouldn't want to be around our little kids.

They walked in and, while waiting on the other guys to get there, asked to go play with the boys in their room.  They then went outside, found the marshmallow guns and played "hoops" on the baby basketball goal!  They also did this on Saturday:

And this:
And this:

They were an unbelievable group of guys.  We had nary a problem with any of them!  They loved on and wrestled with our boys the whole weekend.  And our boys grew quite attached to them as well.

I think Mark and I did too.  It was a great chance for us to get to know some of the amazing guys who God is raising up to lead our church!  We can't wait to see how He's going to use each of these young men to bring Him glory...

Blue hair and all.

*By the most of these pictures, they're hanging out in our updated playroom/schoolroom/office/craft area.  Isn't the carpet awesome!?!  It stood the test of five boys and one college student!

*Sorry about the quality of the group shot.  I was hoping to get  a better shot from one of the guys but somehow his pics got deleted off his camera.  This was the best shot...with out CeiRai that we could get of everyone looking at the camera. 

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