Happy Birthday to Josiah, Take Two!

Since my mom's still in a lot of pain with her leg and she seemed quite worried about trying to get the boys their birthday gifts over the next couple of months, I volunteered to shop for her.  She reluctantly agreed (she loves to buy presents for others and loves even more to see them opened), so off Mark and I went to get Josiah's gifts from Ge & Granddaddy.

The next day, they were wrapped and he opened them.  This post is for Ge & Granddaddy...(we had already talked about what Josiah would like for his birthday and those items were the ones purchased).

See the super real smile on this kid's face?!?

Pay no attention to the 9 month pregnant over tired lady in the background...this was pre-shower.  Josiah got some great outdoor play toys.

And a wheelbarrow!  Which he loved!
And the latest Thomas DVD, Hero of the Rails!

Big brothers and sister helped get the toys free to test out.

And later in the morning we found this in the hallway...he had to examine the DVD case.

Thank you, Ge & Granddaddy!  The presents were well received!  I know he'll give you a great big hug next time he can visit with you.

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