"Write it on Your Walls..."

We just finished studying the character quality of gentleness or kindness.  To re-emphasize and as a constant reminder, I worked with the kids to get Ephesians 4:32 up on the walls...we all need this verse up to remind us of our attitudes and words!

Here's how we did it:

I started out and purchased one canvas 10X20.  However, because the words were a little big I had to get a second one.  The canvases cost about $7 each...except that the second was on sale when I went so I got it for around $5.  I cut the letters out on our Cricut and then ran them through the Xyron sticker maker machine.  I used a "repositionable" cartridge so we wouldn't get sticky residue on the canvas.  Zoe helped me cut the letters and stick them on.  Then we painted a base coat of lime green on the canvases.

We then put their hand prints on the canvases.  I did two sets on each canvas.

After the paint was dry (really and truly, I wanted to see what it looked like so I didn't wait until they were dry), we peeled the letters off.

Here's the end result:

And the close up:
"And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God in Christ forgave you."

There was some bleed through on the words but I think it works great.  This is at the end of the hall so we can all see it several times a day.  Mark wanted to hang it down in the hall so the kids would smack into it every time they walked by...just so they would be aware and remember what it said.  Since I didn't want our child protective services calling about bruises on the kids foreheads, we went with this.

Now, I've got to come up with other ones for them to do...I've got some more printed canvases coming up for your viewing pleasure but first, (well last), is the girls' names on their door.  Courtesy of Uppercase Living of course!
You can't tell but Zoe requested the metallic shimmery pink.  Since there were only two names, I obliged.  Uppercase Living is having a great summer sale right now.  Buy one expression get one free...including the MyDesign expressions (like the one above).  Sale ends July 12th, so find a consultant and get to buying ya'll!  Email me if you need the name of a great consultant (or two)!


  1. fabulous technique idea, this is one the kids could definitely help out with

    count on me stealing the idea

  2. Thanks! I still like looking at it when I walk down the hallway. Please, steal away!!! It is a bit time consuming but with the Cricut, it's something that Laura can don with you and the rest the kids can help with.

  3. i really love the idea with the scripture hanging!! i'm still trying to figure out how to really incorporate scripture into our lives with a toddler. you know, how much to explain, where to put it, how much to have around etc. definitely love the idea though!!

  4. Oh Jennifer! Start 'em early. From the time they can sit (and even if they can't) in your laps pull out Scripture. We taught Zoe her first memory verse when she was two. We've just now realized the importance of living out Deuteronomy 6 by putting Scripture on the walls and everywhere. Even if they can't understand getting into the habit of quoting and explaining it is a great opportunity. Especially after chastisement, explaining the verses (Ephesians 6:1 and others) about why she needs to obey...the more you explain the more they will understand as they get older...so I say start as early as you can.