And we're back...(34 week update included)

This has been one crazy week.

Let's start with getting a call late Monday night from my sister.  My parents were leaving the driving range and my mom fell in the parking lot and broke her left leg just below the knee cap.  Not only did she break it, but she broke both the bones.  I was told she would have a CAT scan the following morning to see if she would need surgery.  The doctor and dad (who has coached for 40 years and seen his share of broken bones) didn't feel that it was bad enough to need surgery.

On Tuesday morning though, they found, via the scan, that she did indeed need surgery.  She had chipped off a piece of the bone.  But, they had to wait until the swelling went down.

Now, we live almost three hours away but through coordination with my sister, came up with a plan for me to travel on the weekend and she would go up for the surgery (Mark's schedule and the kids' schedules kept me from going up for the surgery).  Surgery was slated for Thursday, if the swelling went down.

Wednesday, I got up to do my normal routine, and then realized that it wasn't going to be normal.  I could barely move and felt just plain awful.  Got breakfast made and commanded the children to eat while I laid down on the couch.  I believe I must have had a touch of a stomach bug because after much sleep and a few trips to the bathroom (sorry for all that information...but it just adds to the story), I felt least enough to converse with Mark.

By Wednesday, also, they had finally figured out the right dosage to give my mom so her pain was manageable and she was finally able to sleep a little on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Now yesterday, Thursday, rolls around with a little bit of queasiness and weakness...but I was able to sit up, through school, and take the kids to piano lessons.

I laid down with Josiah during naptime and right before my doctor's appointment (regular 34 week check up) and notice that there's a reflection outside the window, which opens to the back of the yard.  And the reflection keeps moving.  I thought that was quite odd but didn't think much of it (probably the swing moving by the breeze or something).  I also noticed that our A/C wasn't running.  Hmmm...that's really odd considering it's 95 degrees outside and our designated 75 degree temp is not staying 75 degrees.

So, after Josiah's asleep, I got my 5 minute nap and I get up to go the bathroom and hear water running.  How odd, sense everyone is inside and no one was near running water.  I peeked out my bedroom window and see an a/c man around our unit.  I stepped out the door, tried to get his attention but he didn't hear me.

Then I thought, well, maybe Mark called them (although we'd never used them before) and asked them to come and just forgot to tell me (as crazy of a week as it's been).  Stepped back in, called Mark and confirmed that I wasn't insane, and that he had not called them.

I stepped back outside (with large dog in tow) and finally got the gentleman's attention and asked him what he was doing.  He told me the address he was supposed to be at and I confirmed that was our address but that we had not asked them to come out.

"Yea," he said, "I thought it was kind of strange I didn't see any of our stickers on there.  But they told me this address and that there was a dog but it would be put up and that no one would be home."

He then called the office and confirmed it was a different house number, but same street.  Hilarious!  And, he was pretty much finished with the cleaning when I "caught" him.  I tried to pay him for his work but he told me not to worry about it.  I felt so bad that he was working in that heat and then had to go and really work.  Not sure what all he did but it looks great and he said it needed it.

And then, as he was leaving, Sunny barked.

All that to bring us to my 34 week check up.  Everything looked great!  Considering that I felt horrible the day before, this was good news.  I think I may have gained one pound in six weeks.  Not bad, I say.  Not only that but I measured two weeks smaller which means I'm not "packing it on" like everyone thinks.  He felt that because of my height (although I also thinking having five babies helps) I'm more stretched out.  Baby is healthy and happy and that end that's sticking out making me look half pregnant is his rear as we had thought.  Because I have a well worn uterus, there is still a possibility of a flip...but we'll deal with that if the time comes.  We discussed that I wanted to do an epidural  free delivery and he was god with that.  Then I brought up the "i" word.  And, of course, he was really generous and we all agreed if there was no medical problems then waiting until I was close to 41 weeks would be fine before scheduling the induction.  He also said he would "help me along" when it got closer and I'm all for that!  I would schedule it for right at 41 weeks but he's scheduled to leave for Alaska that Thursday and we've scheduled Ace's birthday party for that Saturday so it would be best to do it that Monday or Tuesday if I don't go into labor on my own.  So pray that I do!!!  But not before we get Super Grandmere up here to help!

And then, when we got home, the not so great news was that my meal I had prepped and cooked (so I thought) in the morning was not indeed cooked.  The chicken was raw.  And it was pushing 6 o'clock.  Off we went to Great Wraps, where kids eat free with every adult meal purchased.  We begged and pleaded coerced our friends Tracy and Kevin to come with us so we could get all our kids meals free (it's great when their little one isn't old enough to get a meal).  And the nice guy working there (who remembered we had come in another time...that was like two months ago), gave us free fries for the kids.

I'm getting so much free stuff, the lottery almost (and I do mean almost...but definitely not) is sounding good!

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