And a trip to Ge & Granddaddy's...

We planned and attended a trip at the end of May to Ge & Granddaddy's house.  This was supposed to be out last big trip out of town...but Ge had other plans for a visit.  During our visit we went to a craft show where Granddaddy sells pens that he makes using a lathe (I call it a ladle because it drives him insane when I do that).

Zoe helped...
Ceili Rain showed off her walking skills.

It was a nice open area so the kids were able to run (and sit) freely with out us worrying if they were in someone's way or about to be run over by a car.

We also celebrated Granddaddy and Aunt D's (his sister) retirement.  

Liam enjoyed the cakes...I made it using cake mix because my "from scratch" batch fell to pieces (which I've promptly salvaged and shaped into a dinosaur for Ace's birthday...first time ever making a 3D cake).

He also rocked out with the shades.

Zoe and cousin J made a sheet of paper and walked around having everyone sign it.  It was really sweet.  Zoe took the time to present it to him.  I was excited to see her walking up to complete strangers and asking them to sign it.  She'll do anything for her grands!

I was excited that we were able to finally give him this book.  It's full of letters from various football players, coaches, and friends.  We started working on this about three years ago when he announced he was retiring.  And then didn't.  It's been an on again off again project...but now it's done.

These are two coaches dad has coached with the longest.  They aren't just coaches, they're very good friends and have been through a lot together.

And they all love to talk...especially Coach H!

Laughing is always necessary!!!

I've grown up with these men and women around me and I love seeing their smiling faces.

We also attended another craft show (on Memorial day)...

They had a kids' area and tow of the kids chose to ride ponies...Josiah...and

Ceili Rain chose to watch.

Zoe and Ace chose to do this wheel thingy where they were strapped in facing each other and the lady spun them around (she could have spun them 360 degrees...but they freaked out).  I wish I could have gotten pictures of their was hilarious...but our battery died.

And there, soon after, was the Great Van Incident (click here and here if you missed out on that little gem)....nothing like almost losing a wheel to end a fun filled adventurous weekend.

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