Actually, right now, it does feel quite like we're roasting as we are hitting a scorching heat wave...and I'm pregnant.  Suddenly, having this baby the sooner the better sounds nice (really and truly though I'm content to wait it out...I'll sweat off whatever weight I gain I guess!).

However, back in May we did some real roasting.  Whenever we gather at Papa's house it's become a tradition to set up a fire and roast matter how hot or how cold it is outside.  Our trip up in May was no exception.  And here's our proof that it was enjoyed by all.

Papa whittling sticks to use to roast.

Liam was ready (so sorry but all of these side shots are not swapped around.  You know the drill).

Doing the, to me a proper roasted marshmallow means it's on fire when you pull it out and 3/4 of the way burned...however, Papa has a technique that he's passing down to his grands...and it requires patience and time and you get a perfectly roasted marshmallow.  I still prefer a little charcoal on mine though.

Finger lickin' good.  Note the train in hand...always gotta have your train.

Observing the festivities.

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