Mom update

Mark was able to rearrange work and willing to sacrifice sanity to allow me to travel to help with my mom.  I arrived on Friday and tagged my sister and sent her home to be with her she had been at the hospital for almost three days.  I was able to spend the night with her Friday night and Saturday night and prepare meals and put them in the freezer (okay the meals were already prepared and in my freezer...I just made them more doable for a family of two rather than seven).  Mom was in a lot of pain still but has been able to manage it more.  By the time I left on Sunday afternoon, she was off of the iv pain meds and taking oral ones.  They had her leg on a machine that bends it (ever so slowly) to help her get her range of motion.    Pretty painful whether you have the feel good drugs or not. 

She also has a small blood clot in her lower left leg (where the break is).  She'll be on meds for that for awhile. It's not a deep vein clot (DVT) but the doctor is still being cautious treating it...especially since she'll not be able to put weight on that leg for the next four to six weeks.

Please continue to pray for her.  She was hoping to go home on Sunday but was told Saturday it would be Monday.  She hit the frustrated point on Saturday night (as I would have hit that looooong ago...she's more patient than me) but seemed to be a little stronger and resolute to get home on Monday.  Pray for Dad as he'll have to do a lot of work around the house...although he informed her she was going to paint the ceiling in a friend's house by them wheeling her back and forth while she held the brush. 

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