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If you are looking for a sweet, luxurious indulgence for a tired, hard working mama...then Whish Body Products are the place to go! 

Whish Body Products were created by two brothers after one of their wives "whished" to have a better shaving product.    These products are unique because the ingredients are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, TEA & DEA Free, and Petrochemical Free.  The product I reviewed contained organic beeswax, organic aloe, organic shea butter, and organic raspberry butter.  Each specifically added to give the user healthy, beautiful skin and not the oily, greasy residue left behind by other products.

I got to try out the Three Whishes Pomegranete Sugar Scrub.  It smelled wonderfully!  Worked beautifully!  And was a nice treat.  Now to see if the scrub really worked, I decided to try it on half of my body.  Yes, I said half.  I used it on my right arm and leg and left the other without.  I could immediately tell a difference in the smoothness and throughout the day there was a little bit of a noticeable difference. 

Now, being that I am not one to use multitudes of beauty products, I had a little bit of a difficulty trying to figure out exactly what you do with a body scrub.  I made up my own rules and just slathered it on.  It was a little hard to get on but using a loofah didn't work to well.  So, I slathered it with my hands.  I may have used too much but it didn't seem that using a little worked well...therefore, each time I used it I had to get a lot out to cover just one arm and leg. 

At $38 for 12 ounces of scrub, I would say this product is definitely a splurge product.  These products, for a mom of many and a single income family, would not be practical for everyday use, but as a chance to indulge and as a gift...would be very welcome in my home!  But, if you have the money to splurge regularly, you can check out the other yummy and fun products Whish sells, click on over to their website to see pamper yourself away!  You can also find their products at Nordstrom, Kitson, Studio at Fred Segal, Apothecary at the Wynn, and Zitomer.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Whish Body Products for this review.

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