On the Hunt...

With all the hustle and bustle and indecision on our part about whether to pack up five kids (two of which were sick, remember???), we did manage to squeeze in a few of our Spring/Easter traditions. 

One of which was the kids receiving their spring baskets (and not from a mutant rabbit with a bow around his neck) on Saturday.  Not sure if I've mentioned this (but I probably have for the past three years) but we give them baskets full of about three things on Saturday instead of Sunday.  It's easier than wrestling chocolate away from them...they have plenty of time to play with/watch/remember what Resurrection Sunday is about...Resurrection Sunday is reserved for the actual celebration of Christ's resurrection not chocolate and food (oh, and traveling six hours away to watch a shuttle launch).

Another tradition is dying eggs and adding those to our Resurrection eggs and hunt them.
At the time, Liam was drugged with acetemetophin so he was good to go. 
Josiah was not on the other hand.

Ceili Rain enjoyed the swing.

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