Blast Off!

Mark got a good spot for us to watch the launch.  We were as close as we could get without trying to get in on the lottery to actually be in some remote area at the Space Center (and paying an arm and leg for too).

I'll let Mark tell about the launch but first...I have to say it was amazing!  To see what man had created and to know that God has given us the intelligence to create it!  Pretty cool!

What was left behind after the shuttle was out of sight.

From Mark:   The quick version is just as Abbie said - amazing what man can do with the tools and intelligence God has given us when a bunch of us get together and use our skills toward a single goal.  This was truly a neat opportunity and I am very grateful to my family for greatly inconveniencing themselves with the early times so that I could fulfill this lifelong dream.  Thank you, Abbie, and kiddos for a great birthday present.  I love you!

If anyone is really interested in the nitty-gritty details, just comment or e-mail and we can discuss off-blog.

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