Sea Turtles

Still in Jekyll...we got up on Tuesday morning and after eating, we headed out to the Sea Turtle Center.  Every one seemed to be perky and fever free this day and it was time to celebrate and educate.

Zoe's not quite as tall as the tallest known living turtle. (And these are turtles not tortoises...ask the kids.  They know the difference).

The center is basically a rescue/recovery/education facility.  They have a turtle hospital and have vets/marine biologists etc., that do research and care for the sick turtles that are brought to them all over the east coast.  This turtle's getting a spa treatment by having his shell scraped to fight off infection from the keratin (I think that's right) that builds up on his back.  He seemed to be enjoying it.

You can't tell...but this was a big sea turtle.  Most of the turtles at the center are not there because of human related accidents/ issues.  The ones we saw most of were cold-stunned...where a sudden drop in the temperature in the ocean forced them to be stagnate (since they're cold blooded animals) and wreaked havoc on their body systems.  Just another issue to deal with in global warming.  I'm kidding.

Peeking up to say hello!

And as we were leaving...what did the kids want to look at in the gift shop???  Yep, books!  I love our little book nerds!

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