Easter Celebrations

I know I"m a week or so late on this...but I'm getting there.  We had a quiet Resurrection Sunday morning.  The afternoon and evening were full.  But we did go to church (with two children under the influence of medicine used to reduce fevers).  And afterwards, while I packed, Mark took pictures:
 Ceili Rain did have a bonnet but it was no where to be found (hence the reason she has her hair in her face).

I made the girls' dresses using the Girls' 1914 Dress Pattern from Sense & Sensibility Patterns.  It wasn't extremely easy but the results were wonderful!  I thought they both looked adorable.  Now, I will say that Ceili rain's dress was a bit snug (which it wasn't last month when I finished it).  Any little girls that need a cute pink dress let me know!

Ahhh...the missing bonnet.

The end of the sisters photo shoot!

It was at this point that Josiah's medicine kicked in and Liam's wore off.  He spent the entire photo op in the van.

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