I've mentioned that we have been trying to get more verses up on the walls around our home.   So...I got another one up:

This is part of the verse from Psalm 127.  It's The Message version which says Don't you see that children are God's best gift?(vs 3).  And yes, we'll adjust it so that Bryant can be included.  I designed the verse in Uppercase Living's MyDesign Suite.  Let me say, this was not one of my cheaper verse projects, but I thought it would work best to use the vinyl lettering so that I could get the right size.  Mark cut a piece of wood to the size that we needed for the verse.

Speaking of Bryant...I've added his name to the boys' room door...but with an updated look.  There were wooden letters on their door, but Bryant's name would not have fit.  They were bulky wooden letters.  So, Uppercase Living (and Mark's handy wood work) to the rescue!

Yes, I'm fully aware that the train has nothing to do with flying or the sort...but I was outvoted that Josiah would much prefer a train as opposed to plane...and everyone was right!

This next project (as with the names on the door) was not a necessity but something I was able to do cheaply and cutley (again with Uppercase Living's MyDesign Suite).  We have three bathrooms in our house:  our mater bathroom, the "girls" bathroom, and the "boys" bathroom.  
On the girls' bathroom.  The thing with their bathroom is that it's also the guest I guess I'll have to add to that at some point.

Bonus points if you can tell me why there is a number 13 on the helmet :)  Here's a hint:  the boys' bathroom decor is all done in University of Alabama....any guesses???

The great thing about the bathroom doors is that I can add to or change if needed...and the ones on the boys' door and above the pictures I can take down and carry with us should God send us somewhere else other than this house...and those are the ones I'd want to take with us.  I am going to get the girls' room done...just haven't ordered their names yet.

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  1. I know why there's a 13...but only because you told me!