Ceili Rain's Four Months!

I know I recently posted this picture but I just think she's adorable all cuddly like that!

Here's the stats:
13 lb 12 oz (75%)
25 3/4 inches long (90%)
16 3/4 inches in the head (65%)

She's jumped from 35th to 65th for head so she's getting a big head being the baby girl. Nothing new to report medically...she's tracking on the growth chart and just growing and developing like a baby.

Since she decided to roll from her back to her belly on Tuesday, she decided to roll from her belly to her back on Wednesday. While she's not proficient at rolling, she's getting there. I think by Thursday she realized what she had done and the benefits it provided as far as being off her belly...that was a plus for her.

She continues to be a most excellent baby. We've moved her from the closet (it's quiet and secluded) to "the girls" room for night time. She's loved the transition so far. She loves to coo, splurt and laugh at her brothers and sister...and us. But when she's tired, she just wants to be left alone and sleep. She has now moved from wanting to sleep on her back to her side or belly (which is fine now that she can push herself over). Her favorite past time is chewing on two to three fingers. Not in the front like she's teething (because she's not teething...just because she's four months does not mean she's getting teeth) but on the sides.

She's settling into a routine now which is great. I was beginning to panic that we were still going to be trying to figure out nap times when school rolls around, but I think we're pretty much set...as long as mommy can stay at home (which starts next week) and not continue to run around the world with all the kids.

Since I was asked (in front of the kids) if I was a saint or insane today, I thought I'd just share...I'm neither...just very blessed!

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