Backwards Day??

Our day yesterday...let's see...

The plan was: Ace goes to soccer camp. Mom goes to gym. Kids hang out and play in nursery. Change. Pick up kids. Pick up Ace. Go to the pool.

Easy peasy.

Dropping Ace off was the easiest part.

As we were walking into the gym, Zoe took the bag that contained my water bottle and various sundries and dumped it out thus busting my water bottle completely up.

Dropping two kids off at the childcare, I tried to head out that door to take Ceili Rain and Zoe. However, two other moms thought they could fit in the small check in space and crowd the door. Instead of being patient and waiting for them to get a clue, I tried to squeeze out and presently bumped Ceili Rain's head on the door frame giving her a nice little bruise and sending me into worry mode that she had a concussion. Does not make for a fun workout. I busted my rear for 20 minutes and then went to check on her. She was snoozing and thanks to putting witch hazel on it before I left, it was only a small red mark.

Before I went to check on her, I changed into my swimsuit, thinking about how smart I was that I could put my swimsuit on without checking the back from the front (that's the bottoms of the swimsuit I'm talking about). I'm so smart. More on that in a second.

So I go to pick up the kids. As we left soccer camp, Josiah decides to just pitch a fit. He had not been corrected, or disciplined in any way. He's screaming and standing and not moving. I have Ceili Rain in the single stroller, so I couldn't pick him up and actually put him in it nor could I carry him. My main thoughts right then were that I needed to get Ceili Rain out of the heat and the blazing sun and that if we could make it to the car we could actually make it to the pool. So, I did what any sensible mother did. I picked him up and put him in the basket underneath the stroller seat. In my defense it was a big basket and he stopped crying until we made it to the car, where I made him stand out of the car to get his self-control...which lasted for a split second.

Surviving the fit picthing, we head to the pool. We don't lose anyone or anything in the process. As the kids are off playing in the wading pool, I take my cover off and began to wonder if I've just gained more swimsuit seemed to be riding up in the back. Hmmm. The front seems to be a little high up (which was nice as I didn't have to keep pulling the top down). Hmmm?? Then it hits me...I had put my swimskirt on backwards people! Oh yeah, I'm really smart. So, I decided either we wouldn't stay very long, or I would just pray and wait for my friend to show up with her four kids and beg her to watch my five so I could swap it around. It was about 10 minutes later, and she appeared! I begged, she agreed, and I ran to change it around.

Crisis diverted...the rest of the afternoon was good, except Ace fell and scraped his knee, hands, and elbow. Josiah then somehow pinched Ace's finger on the chair while he was wailing and pinched off skin. Everytime I tried to help Ace, he thrashed and wailed and moaned. So, after making sure nothing was stitch worthy, being the good mother I am, I left him to thrash, wail, and moan. We left shortly after.


  1. Girl..I'm sorry you had such a 'interesting' day. I admit, I did lol about the swimsuit though. Too funny!

  2. I'm so glad my lack of a brain is funny! Actually, I was thinking...hmm, guess this has to go on the blog :)