Let's Roll!

I'm still here...trying to recover from this past weekend and search through and upload all our pics...so many you're eyes will bleed. However, I had to take a break from that to post an update on Miss Ceili Rain.

Let's face it, my kids just do not do good the first few months of life as far as napping is concerned. It's no big secret around here. Between four to six months, we get on a good routine and they start napping a bit more. Ceili Rain has been no exception. So, today, when I put her down in the middle of nap time after she had nursed, I didn't expect her to go to sleep.

But she did! She slept for over two hours. I kept going to the back of the house to check on her. No noise, not even a peep. I finally went into the room to check on her and she was asleep. On her tummy. She had rolled herself over!

Lest, you think I put her on her belly, while we were eating supper, she rolled over again. Then looked at me accusingly. She is the first to roll from her back to her belly first. Most of ours figure out how to roll from their belly to their back. Ceili Rain decided she had to be different. I think she could get the belly to back thing if her head were a little bigger.

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