Happy 4th of July!

Okay so I'm over a week late...Zoe had art camp this past week so I've been more than busy! So, without further ado "how we celebrate our 4th!"

Aunt B and I cleaned up while Papa, Grandmere, the older kids, Mark and Uncle B took the kids out to do some fireworks and pop those snapper things.

Note, the girls with the ears covered and the boys looking on with great interest.

My own little pyromaniac!

After family worship and getting ready for bed, Papa had some really colorful fireworks. Zoe fearless with a glint of cousin O covering her ears.

Josiah thought they were pretty cool too! Cousin G, not so much.

This concludes my posts on our 4th of July weekend. I know you are all thrilled to get back to the pictures and lives of our children at home doing boring ol' stuff...cuz that's just the way it is here...nothing much to report...anyways...

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