New Year's Day

As hard as this is, I still want to share our awesome experience with Y the Brave (more on why we call him that later).

New Year's Day is a big deal where Y is from.  So, we celebrated with a gift for each child and then driving an hour to a lake house to spend time with our Bama friends.

 Soccer ball...what almost every 8 year old European boy loves to have.  Y was thrilled and any smidge on it was a cause for concern.  We also got a pump (which he wanted to use constantly) so we could deflate it for the trip home and he could inflate it there.

 I think Ace was more excited than Liam!

 Ace got a practical joke gift set-that explains the maniacal face he is making.

Apparently, 12 year olds do not want to have their picture taken when opening a gift.

 They don't do Santa Clause as much as they do Father Frost...nonetheless, Y knew all about Santa and thought his Santa sack gift was perfect to go with his hat!

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