Late Wednesday afternoon, we received a call that Y's aunt had assumed guardianship of him and was no longer available for adoption.  Our hearts were crushed.  We were already looking forward to getting his adoption paperwork started and having him here this summer.  Planning and preparing.  Suddenly halted.

We knew when we started this that there was no guarantee that we would actually get to bring Y home until the court date.  But to have everything end so quickly.  To know that we will never get to squeeze him and love on him and hear him say he loves us in Ukrainian and English.  That is hard.


We know that God is Sovereign.  We know that while we can't protect and care and disciple Y that the Lord is providing and caring for him even now.  God is bigger than us and can do so much better at caring for Y and for all of our kids way better than we can ever do.

We are praying for Y and for our healing heart.  We are trusting that God is providing and protecting and guiding him.  And we are praying for his aunt as she raises him as a mom would.  I pray that they both can grow in knowing the Lord.  Will you please pray that with us?

And I am praying that one day.  Even if it's only one day, we'll be able to see Y again and give him hugs and loves.  If only one more time.

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