December Randomness

 This is how Emmie is when I put her down and am not touching her.  To say she is a mama's girl is putting it mildly!
 After a bit of whining, a sibling will typically come along and try to cheer her up.

 Dress up time!  Y enjoyed this spider man shirt and he was deeply saddened when they all misplaced it.

 Y quickly learned how to flip on the couch.  No lessons in that.

 While traveling for Thanksgiving, our front grille met an untimely demise via a carpet square on the interstate.  We praise God that it was only the grille that broke.  Mark was able to order the replacement on line, search youtube on how to install it and replace it in less than 30 minutes.    My hero.
 How Mark found Ace one night.

 Feet are a glorious thing

 Y's first day.  So much fun to see that language couldn't keep our kids from all enjoying each other.

 A trip to the mall, Y and all the kids enjoyed watching the man decorated a cookie cake.
 But seeing Santa and having Santa actually wave to him....Y was in awe.

 Emmie just building up her muscles.  A girl has to work to look this good.

 Giant tower with giant blocks.

 And some bunny ears and photo bombing!

 Y and Emmie!  Instant bonding.

 Our sweet Y enjoying some movie time with Ceili Rain.

 Mark was working on replacing the fireplace and all the kids were piling on each other pretending something or other.  Y was just watching and a little unsure.  When I told him what they were doing, he joined right in!  There was a pile of kids and I couldn't make heads or tails of them for awhile.

 I think Y thought that all it did was rain here.  We had some pretty serious rain for a couple of days and our creek flooded.  Mark took the kids for a walk to see the flooding.  They just had to get in it.

 Everybody eats snacks this way, no?

 Liam received a snap circuits for Christmas.  But everyone loved it.  Ace and Y worked on it for over an hour one day.  So much fun to watch.

My playdoh creations during another rainy day.  Baymax, a train, Mr. Potato Head.  I may have a future in playdoh creation.  Smirk.

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