The Lakehouse

We enjoyed our first week of the new year with Mark's college roommates and their families.  Sadly, we missed one family but with good reason (twins who are not traveling well at their young age).  The house full of lots of laughter and smiles despite the outcome to the playoff game we were able to watch.

 Josiah and Liam watching a football game with R,

 Our view one morning.  Yeah, no filter.

 Enjoying some marshmallows at the covered pavilion.  The weather was not always agreeable but we managed.

 Some flashlight fun.

 We kept trying to hide the pool balls and sticks but these rascals kept finding them and then slamming the balls in to their fingers.

 We managed some fireworks between rain storms.

I took the New Year's day supper and went all traditional.  Ham, black eyed peas, carrots, etc.  It was a lot of work but soooo yummy and afterward we crashed on the couch to watch Alabama (get stomped by Ohio State but that is beside the point).  Zoe and Ace crashed in my lap.

 Another morning view.  No filter again.

 Twister.  Oh yeah.

 Best buds.

 Emmie only goes to a rare few people.  Uncle M was able to grab her up for a little while.  He's pretty much magic with my babies.

One evening while we were all sitting around talking after the kids were in bed, R excused himself and came back like this.  This is the wedding outfits we had the groomsmen wear.  Fifteen years later and R still has it.  AND the dagger we gave as a groomsman gift!  So funny to see it again after all these years.

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