Ice Cream for Lunch

Y's last Sunday, Mark and I had a plan.  It included ice cream for lunch among some other things.  Convincing the kids that we were going to get ice cream for lunch was a bit harder than I first thought.  Upon hearing the plan from a sibling, Liam had to ask Mark if we were really getting ice cream for lunch.  

"Oh good!"  Liam exclaimed when it was confirmed.  "We thought mom had lost it!"  
At the ice cream store, I asked Liam if he really thought I had gone crazy. 

"Well,"  he said rather loudly.  "I just thought you were drunk!"
(For the record, I don't drink and I wasn't drinking that day)

 We thought this would be a fun treat because the first week Y was here, we took a trip to Aldi.  We were looking at several different things in the store and I was asking Y what he would like, etc.  He kept saying this one word over and over again and for once Google Translate was a big help.  Y wanted ice cream.  He loves ice cream and so a special fun treat of ice cream for lunch was a must on my to do list.
We split the kids up to share ice cream sundaes and they were all thrilled they got to choose their flavors and toppings, etc.  Y and Josiah not only inhaled their sundaes but they then made quick work on the rest of the siblings who said they were too full to finish their own sundaes.  We shall henceforth call them the duel trash compactors.

After ice cream we took Y to Build-a-Bear to get a stuffed animal.  We recorded a short message and had it included with his bear.  We were unsure as to whether he would even want to get one but he not only wanted it, he played it over and over and over again and cuddled with it during the night.  I'm so glad we were able to give him something with our voices on it to remind him of our love for him.

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