Happy 9th Birthday, Y the Brave!

Y's birthday was a week after he went home but we wanted to celebrate with him.  He asked for torte (cake) and chocolade (yeah, chocolate...boy after my own heart).

 Since Big Hero Six was a big part of our celebration, I made a Bay Max for the top of the cake.  It was late at night so any descrepancies are because of that.

When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said a phone.  Um yeah right.  Aside from it being against our hosting rules, we don't let our bio kids have phones so that was a big no.  But, an inexpensive mp3 player was a yes.  And a big hit.  Just an FYI, he likes heavy rock like Mark!  We loaded it up with several native worship songs and then added on some Relient K, David Crowder, and the like.  He jammed with that thing for a looooong time.

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