In which Y becomes Y the Brave

One of the requirements of New Horizons is that we have our host child go to the dentist.   It was clear after Y was here a few days that a dental trip was absolutely necessary.  Let's just say there was a lot going on in his mouth!  We got him in two weeks before he headed back home.  True to Y form, he was excited about the opportunity and about the new experience.  After his first check up, I decided he was no longer just Y but Y the Brave.  He had two more visits after the initial to start fixing his teeth.  He greeted each visit with smiles and it's safe to say he fell in love with the staff at the dentist.

I would say the feeling was mutual!

We are so blessed by our dentist and their staff.  Not only did they treat Y the Brave with such love, they also donated their services!  We were hoping for a price break at the least but when they said they would donate all of his services, my heart melted and my eyes filled with tears.  It was such a blessing to all of us.

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