Beach Living Part 3

After we loaded up the van and checked out of the hotel, we headed to rent bikes.  Jekyll Island is covered in bike trails and is mostly flat.  I knew the kids that could would enjoy riding.  We tried to talk the rental guy in to letting us get a surrey and I would wear Emmie.  He said no go since the rules state 12 months and up.  The next plan was to rent a smaller surrey and I would bike some kids in.  Then the kids who could ride independently would get their own bike rentals.  That ended when they all saw this eight person surrey.

 That's right.  I biked seven little people to the historic district of Jekyll Island and some of the way back (Mark and I rotated).
 Emmie got her own ride.  To be fair,  Zoe and Ace helped peddle some or we would have been stuck in one place for a loooong time.  The sweet part was that the kids waving at complete strangers made several people break out in huge grins.  They were pretty cute riding in the surrey.  Yes.  It had fringe on top.

A beautiful fountain in the historic district.  
Malachi begged Zoe to go to a playground area after supper the first night.  She willingly obliged and they had fun going down the slide.

 We arrived back in town in time for supper and stopped at a Tex Mex restaurant.  The kids thought this seat was pretty cool.  It was a saddle seat and apparently the best seat in the house.

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